Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Sullivan and Son," new Pittsburgh based TV show

Watch out Yinzers a new TV show set in a working class Pittsburgh bar has been picked up by TBS and will air ten episodes starting this summer.  "Sullivan and Son" is a sitcom that stars Pittsburgh native comedian Steve Byrne as a man who leaves his job as a New York lawyer to come back to Pittsburgh to run a family-owned bar.  The bar is owned by his parents, Jack Sullivan (played by Dan Lauria made famous by "The Wonder Years," and mother played by Jodi Long ("Eli Stone"), who are preparing to sell the bar and retire until Steve returns home to take over.  The popular bar that Byrne's character, Steve Sullivan,runs is the unofficial town hall of the neighborhood filled with locals and regulars.   

The show is executive-produced by familiar Hollywood names Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story and Iron Man) and Rob Long (Cheers).


  1. This should be a good show. Sometimes TBS is under the radar enough that this could have a cult following and become popular.

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