Thursday, June 16, 2011

Famous Pittsburgh Mustaches

Pittsburghers love their mustaches so what better way to recognize them then to post the best of our own celebrity 'staches.

The Classic Football Mustache:

The football coach mustache: (L-R) Cowher, Ditka, & the Wannstache

Mark Malone, Rocky Bleier, & Boss Hog Russ Grimm

The Mustaches of the Pirates:

The great Bucco logo from the 90's, Jim Leyland, & Sid Bream

Spanky Lavalliere, RJ Reynolds, & Bob Walk (Please bring it back Walky)

Cy Young Winner Doug Drabek, Don Slaught & Rick Rhoden

The Candy Man, Dale Berra of the drug trial years, and Scrap Iron Phil Garner

'Operation Shutdown' Derek Bell's walrus 'stache, Pops Stargell, & Jeff King

The Hockey Mustaches:

Bryan Trottier, Crosby & his DTM, and the classy Kehoe 'stache

George Parros & his Mon Valley 'stache (born in Washington Co), Frankie Pietrangelo, & Max Talbot's Fu Man Chu
The Bylsma Movember stache

Industrial Barons and Pioneers/Inventors:

Ferris Wheel inventor Geoge Ferris & condiment maker HJ Heinz

Secretary of Treasury & banker Andrew Mellon & electrical industry pioneer George Westinghouse

Pizza entrepreneur Dominic Mineo of one of the best pizza places in the 'burgh, Mineo's Pizza House, Squirrel Hill

Media Personalities; Oh, the grace and class of these upper lips:

"I'm Stacey Smith, you stay classy Pittsburgh," John Steigerwald, & John Fedko.  Alby Oxenreiter (bottom)
Around Town
Adam Paul Causgrove, winner of the 2012 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award

Celebrity that should be a Pittsburgher:

If there is one movie star that most resembles a Pittsburgher it is Dennis Farina.   Farina became a Pittsburgher to me in his role as Capt Nick Detillo in the Pittsburgh filmed "Striking Distance."

Many of these mustachioed individuals are not native Pittsburghers, but the city made a lasting impact on their lives.  My favorite is the Rick Kehoe with George Parros coming in a close second with his 80's hockey player style.  What is your favorite?

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  1. Haha I can't stop laughing looking at this article. Instant Classic Post. Fantastic job R Korn.

    My favorite / worst may be the whole Bob Walk deal. What is going on with that look? He has the molester mustache that is really thin and long, and not grown in well. Paired with that awful mullet he looks like a full blown child molester.

    HJ Heinz's sideburn to mustache combo is truly a vintage find. I dont think I have ever seen one in person. This must have taken a lot of grooming to maintain. Combined with an inability to realize that he looks like a walrus with this stache makes me feel that he had to work very hard to look that ridiculous. It also makes me wonder: Why did he not grow the full beard instead if he is going that far? I guess it just didn't look right to him.

    The famous wann-stache, crosby's dtm, the whole column is absolutely amazing. This may be the finest example of investigative journalism I have seen in a while.

  2. Even the buccos logo had the stache!!

  3. R Korn said....

    Wanny and Walk look like they had/have trouble using a razor to groom their staches, it's like they just hack away at their faces.

    Maybe Heinz had some sort of deficiency that didn't allow him to grow hair on his chin.

  4. Pills said...

    I love the Mellon stache. I think he and Heinz just how bored people got before TV that they groomed their staches for entertainment. The Candy Man is a good thin one, he looks as if he should be throwing up a pizza or smoking a cigarette with one of those long holders.

  5. Jeff King is my favorite, he looks like Wyatt Erp.

  6. I'm with Coso, I'm partial to the mustaches of my youth: RJ Reynolds, Doug Drabek and Jeff King.

  7. I like the Stacey Smith mustache...very classy. I think he models his stache after Tom Selleck. Worst Pittsburgh stache has to go to Crosby.

  8. Worst stache is a three way tie between The Candy Man, Crosby, & Bob Walk. Walk just looks creepy.

  9. Just read the Huffington Post article. Pretty awesome that Blast Furnace got mentioned!