Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hangover Part II: Raunchy, but Expected

I just saw The Hangover Part II and I have to say that it was a fine sequel to The Hangover. We all know that when an original movie is done right, making a sequel can sometimes be better left alone. In my mind, the sequel rule does not apply to comedies for the simple rule that a comedy is its own genre of film which traditional rules do not apply. That being said, there have been many sequels to comedies that should never have been made. The Hangover Part II was one of those times when I feel that the sequel at least lived up to the original. The Hangover set the bar for raunchy comedies very high, but the sequel truly pushed the envelope and made things work for the better.

I love raunchy, locker room humor when the time is right, so walking into The Hangover Part II I knew what I was getting into and I loved every minute of it. Although many fans love the series for its outlandish scenarios, what steals the show for me is the previously under the radar comedian Zach Galifianakis. There is just something about is body language, mannerisms, speech, and comedic style which always have me in stitches. I rarely laugh out loud throughout movies, but Galifianakis was able to deliver and provide well timed and scripted lines throughout the movie.

I thought that The Hangover would be hard to be topped with walking the viewer through their night of antics, but this "blackout" storyline may not have matched the original, but the surprises and being able to visibly see the raunchiness of the plot line gave the audience many opportunities to shudder, burst out in laughter, or "oohhh" in disgust. This is what I like in a comedy.

All in all it was a good movie that you did not have to think about and it was worth the entrance price. Sometimes you need a gross comedy and The Hangover Part II was just what I was looking for. If you go, just be sure that your fellow movie goers have the same sense of humor as you.

Pills gives 3/5 stars.


  1. I thought it was pretty funny, I really wasn't gung ho about seeing this, but I'm glad I did. I think it was way more crude and gross than the last one. The story was pretty much the same, just different location.

  2. Does not live up to the original, there is to much of the same. I do agree about Galifiankis, he is just freaking funny. I think a change is in order for Hangover 3. No wedding, bachelor party, or lost friend is needed next time.