Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pitt Fall is for sale

Anyone have an extra couple hundred grand sitting around? Because you could be the proud owner of Kennywood's Pitt Fall ride. The Post-Gazette reported last week that the Pitt Fall is now for sale. You can see the listing on International Rides Management's Facebook page.

I'll be honest, the ride terrifies me. I've ridden it a few times, but the sight of it gets me nervous and I start getting the shivers just getting in to the line for it. I've actually enjoyed it every I've gone through with riding it, but my nervousness about the ride has just gotten worse over time.

Here's a good video someone took while riding the Pitt Fall:

Despite only appearing in the late '90s, the ride is somewhat iconic for its black and gold paint job and visibility from the surrounding area. According to the Wikipedia page for the ride, it was the tallest ride of its kind in the world when it opened.

A follow up PG article suggested a ride like Cedar Point's WindSeeker could be a potential replacement, though that was refuted by a Kennywood spokesperson. Personally, I'd like to see something more tame, like the return of the Rotor or a Ferris wheel or maybe a tea cup-type ride. The latter two in particular would be good fits in the Lost Kennywood section where the Pitt Fall currently stands.


  1. I was just at Kennywood on Monday and wanted to have a farewell ride on the Pitt Fall, but it was closed by the time I made it to Lost Kennywood. I have to say that this ride never really mattered to me. I went on it a few times when it opened, but the wait never justified the actual ride. I would love to see the Rotor back because it was one of my favorites.

    The most scary ride that I was on was the Swing Shot. I rode it on Monday for the first time and that was like the Pirate on steroids. Awesome ride and I do not know why I never went on it before.

    Also, I rode the new Sky Rocket. It was very fun, but a lot easier of a ride than I imagined. Even the corkscrew loops were easy to take.

  2. R Korn said...

    yeah, this ride wasn't one of my favorites. I would just go on if the rest of the group wanted to ride. I understand Kennywood wanted to change things up and keep it fresh but some of their decisions have been questionable.

    Pittsburghers love nostalgia and love to live in the past so change isn't always good for us. They defintely need a Ferris Wheel since George Ferris was a Pittsburgher and I heard the Turnpike will come back, but don't know where they would put it.