Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super 8: Great Summer Pick

Last night I saw Super 8 at Loews Waterfront. I had very high expectations for Super 8 for two reasons.
Reason #1: I love Director and Writer J.J. Abrams because of my favorite TV series Lost.
Reason #2: J.J. Abrams wanted to "make Super 8 E.T. The Next Generation."
Neither of this two reasons let me down as I was very happy and entertained while watching the movie.

One aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed was the film production. I am not sure if everyone notices, but there is something about movies that were made pre-1990 that seem as if they are old fashioned. Post-1990 every movie looks a lot more crisp. I miss that "old feel" while watching movies, but Super 8 had the look that is was filmed years ago which added some romanticism to the movie.

In addition to the film production, I really enjoyed that the main characters were a group of kids engaged in a typical activity that I would have done in my childhood as the driving force plot behind the movie. The group of kids was led by Joe Lamb played very well by Joel Courtney. Lamb and a group of friends were producing a movie for an amateur film festival and almost instantly the plot begins to thicken as the boys witness a train crash and a mystery of how and why the train crashed serves as the catalyst for the plot as the group begins to uncover secrets that the U.S. Air Force wants to keep covered up. This movie reminded me of E.T. meets The Goonies. All three movies' adult roles are not that important, but rather the roles serve only to get in the way of the kids and allow you to become frustrated with the adults and more understanding of the group in Super 8.

I do not want to discuss the plot much more as to avoid spoilers, but the mystery in Super 8 basically revolves around four main conflicting groups and each conflict plays out in a different way.
Group #1: The adults who know better than the kids.
Group #2: The kids who want to discover the truth.
Group #3: The U.S. Air Force which does not want their secret to be discovered.
Group #4: The mystery from the train crash.
These four groups play against each other well for a very satisfying trip to the theater filled with drama, action, and thinking built around a memorable story.

I recommend Super 8 to anyone who wants to see a great good old popcorn eating summer movie. You will not be disappointed as this movie takes you back to the classics of the 80's and allows you to remember how fun a trip to the theater can be. Just be sure to stay for the credits in order to see the completed film the the kids made for the Super 8 Amateur Film Festival.

Pills gives Super 8 4/5 stars.

On a side note, we even had a special second feature following Super 8. Throughout the movie, three unruly girls were screaming foul language and they were repeatedly asked to "shhhh," but to no avail. Afterwards, many people scolded them and a verbal battle began between the three girls and the rest of the theater composed of more foul language, racial slurs, and derogatory remarks to everyone in the theater. Not only was there a verbal battle, but a possible hand to hand fight almost began as one of the three threatened to punch and hit another woman with her purse. As the three left the theater they claimed "we'll see all of you b*tches in the parking lot and we'll get it on!"  Once in the lobby the girls continued their raucous behavior with people from within our theater as police and security chased after them and most likely were caught and given a citation. That may have been as entertaining as the movie itself.


  1. This movie was sweet. Definitely worth watching.

  2. R Korn said....

    Those 3 ho's really pissed me off last night, I wish the one would have hit me like she threatened. Other than that the movie was pretty good

  3. Good old fashioned fun summer movie, I love it. Pills, if you're interested in more J.J Abrams, I recommend Star Trek, Mission Impossible 3, Cloverfield, and tv shows Alias and Fringe.

  4. Sounds like a good movie, but sorry it was spoiled by the crazy behavior of those idiots. Wish you would've video'd them. This is another justification for you to get a smartphone, Pills.

  5. Finally got to see this movie this past weekend. It was pretty good; I def enjoyed it. The kids did do a good job of acting.

    I hate when people act like that in movie theatres.