Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye Children's Hospital, Hello Greenspace

The iconic hospital that stood on the corner of Fifth Ave and DeSoto St. in Oakland for over 70 years is gone. The demolition of the old Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP) has finally ended and in its place some much needed greenspace.  CHP moved to its new location in Lawrenceville in 2009 and the leveling of the old building began in the Fall of 2010.  Here are some pics of the demolition and landscaping.

CHP as it once stood
First phase of demolition

Demolition Continues into the Spring of 2011

Completed greenspace, corner of Fifth Ave and DeSoto St.

Close-up of the new lawn


  1. Pills said...

    I guess I have not paid attention to that as I have driven past many times. That part of Oakland was in desperate need of green space.

  2. R Korn said....

    I don't think this greenspace will last long. I believe UPMC will build something on it again in the future. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Did you take all these pictures?