Monday, June 20, 2011

Steelers adding Giant Name?

Tiki Barber
Complete bore and arrogant prick Tiki Barber is looking to get back into the NFL.  That’s not surprising news to anyone, as most football players who get out of the game too early try to give it one more shot at making it back in the league.  Some are successful, but most are not.
The surprising twist to this story is that Peter King has announced that the favorite horse in this race is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  HCMT is apparently close to the Barber family after coaching Ronde in Tampa, and wouldn’t have any problems cutting Tiki if he can’t get the job done.
But hey, if Tiki’s comeback falls short, at least he knows he can go back to hooking up with 20 year old chicks and/or embarrassing himself on national television.  Either way, he can always reminisce on all the money he threw away by thinking he was more than just another jock. 
Side note to this story:  Hopefully Tiki’s story can serve as a warning to Mendenhall.  Mendenhall needs to realize he is a professional football player first and foremost, despite what his twitter bio indicates.  If Mendenhall continues to concentrate less on football and more on anything and everything else, I could see him out of the game early, and then trying to make a comeback once all his money runs out.


  1. R Korn said....

    Isn't Tiki 36 yrs old? I know he hasn't played in a while but RB's usually dont last past 31 or 32

  2. He's 36 and King's article states that Tiki wants to paly a significant role with whichever team he goes to. In other words, a total backup role is out of the question.

    If he can play like he is 30 again, then let's see what he can do at camp. King also says he has a strong desire to play for the steelers... not sure what his reasons are.... But if I were a great football player I would only play for the Steelers haha (unbiased opinion)

  3. Yeah, I just don't buy this. It's one of those stories that sounds good in theory, but almost never happens in practice. I wouldn't be absolutely shocked if he came into Steelers camp for a tryout, but I wouldn't hold my breath expecting it to happen. Even if were to come to camp with us, the only way he'd win a spot and a role on the team is if he were to beat out Mewelde Moore.