Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boston is lame

While Pittsburgh has a long, proud tradition of producing sports-centric music to honor our teams, most notably in polka form, apparently the creative juices don't flow so strong in Boston. Because rather than coming up with something wholly original, they have instead co-opted Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa's hit homage to Pittsburgh, Black and Yellow.

From today's PG:
"I hear a song, and I think, 'I like this; I kind of want to rap on this.' I go to the studio and make my own version of it," he said Tuesday. "When I first heard 'Black and Yellow,' I immediately thought, 'Oh, Bruins!'"

The words of a true artiste. You can read the full article here, or check out the video below. I hate to judge an entire city based on one clown, but, yeah, Boston is real lame.


  1. I heard this being played over the PA the other night an i was like what the F?

  2. That version is awful; it sounds like it was recorded in my garage. The words don't go with the rhythm of the music.

    I had to immediately listen to the real version to get this awful remake out of my head.