Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Even our Amish will fight you"

Check out the maps in this blog post that feature information/stereotypes from around the United States, including the above map of movies that best represent the state they are set in. Pennsylvania got Groundhog Day, as well as The Office for the TV map, which hopefully means we have a good sense of humor about life in our state.

I have to say, Gummo is a fucked up movie and a great choice for Ohio. But Florida only wishes that Scarface were its best representation. I'm fairly certain the following cinematic classic is much more representative of the Florida experience:

Some other good stuff from PA:

  • Bad thing we lead the country in: Arson
  • Thing we lead the country in: Number of hunters
  • Google's first autofill suggestion when you type "Pennsylvania": Pennsylvania State University (FYI, Virginia Tech is also on this one)
  • Food: Cheesesteaks
  • Beer: Victory
  • Is sodomy illegal?: No!


  1. That is a good find. Very interesting.

  2. Some thoughts:

    New Hampshire has 'What about Bob!' That movie is fantastic. Still one of my favorite comedies.

    Gummo is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. It's also weird seeing chloe sevigny in that movie.

    I like The Office, like Victory; surprised Yuengling didn't take that title. Not to say I like Yuengling more, it is just more widely known about.

    Ya, I saw that United States of Shame chart before too it's pretty funny. My only question is: If your state is the worst at something, does that mean it's the best?? For example, Washington is the worst at beastiality. So, does that mean that it's the best or leads the nation in Beastiality? haha

  3. I'm not crazy about Victory. I like both Penn Brewery and Appalachian more than Victory. I also think Philly Cheesesteaks are vastly overrated, but not surprised to see them as our state rep in the food map. They are certainly the most iconic food in the state.

    My favorite movie rep is probably Wayne's World for Delaware. The movie was notably set in Aurora, Illinois, so I'm pretty sure the Delaware reference is entirely from the blue screen scene in the movie, where Wayne and Garth have nothing at all to say about Delaware.

    I'm pretty sure the beastiality honor means they lead the nation in occurrences or arrests. It makes Pennsylvania look good in comparison for leading the nation in arson. That must stem entirely from the near monthly arson cases that come out of New Castle.