Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smiley Turns 25!

Photo courtesy of Post-Gazette.com
Eat 'n Park and Smiley are celebrating 25 years today at the Waterfront location. Smiley's birthday was celebrated in style today as a life-sized statue was placed in the lobby of the restaurant in Homestead. Smiley in synonymous with Pittsburgh and may even rival other local legends such as Iron City Beer and, dare I say, the Steelers. No trip to Pittsburgh is complete without a meal at Eat 'n Park and from the time you are a youngster a Smiley cookie tops off a classic taste of Pittsburgh. Even watching the bakers make the tasty treat is a fantastic way to enjoy Smiley and Pittsburgh.

Smiley is not your average mascot or cookie as he has qualities of a chameleon as you can find him changing color form around holidays such as Valentine's Day and Halloween. I particularly like the Halloween version with candy corn eyes, but do also enjoy the other festive designs. Not only has Smiley shown his fashion sense by changing with the seasons, but he also has kept up to date with recent health trends as a child can choose a "Mini-Smiley" cookie in order to help to keep a watch on their waist line.

So on this special day celebrate by going to Eat 'n Park and order a dozen Smiley cookies to-go or send some to a friend. Happy Birthday to a Pittsburgh legend!

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  1. I like the mascot, not sure if I ever saw a walking cookie out and about but this rivals the Pirate Parrot, Pitt Panther, Iceburg, & Steely McBeam.

    They should let Smiley run against the Perogies at a Pirate game, it may win.