Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Patron Mexican Grill

If you're looking for great Mexican food, make sure to do yourself a favor and try out Patron's.  Located in Wexford, it offers a great selection at an affordable price. 

When first walking in to Patron's, guests are greeted by the friendly and energetic staff.  Looking around the entrance area, pictures of the many Steelers who have visited the restaurant cover the wall like wallpaper.  Guests also shouldn't be surprised to see Steelers dining there; the last time I visited I was seated next to the entire offensive line.

While walking to your seat, it is nice to take in the atmosphere as the restaurant is decorated in a spanish-type theme.  Looking closely at the decorations, any guest can see that the proprietor took great care in creating the pleasant ambiance of the restaurant.  It is unlike chain restaurants, where the setting occasionally seems carelessly thrown together. 

The staff also makes you feel welcome at the restaurant.  The owner is usually there, checking in with the guests to ensure they are having a good time and have all that they need.  Personally, I have always been very pleased with the service.

The food is also great, and I have brought many friends to the restaurant who say the same.  Make sure to visit the restaurant on Monday 'taco' nights, where tacos are only a dollar and the great tasting margaritas are half off.

Interior of Patron's

You can find a link to Patron's website here: http://www.patronmexgrill.com/index.html.  A listing of their menu and address is available on their site.

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  1. I love mexican food, its a shame there aren't many left in the south hills