Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pittsburgh Arts Explosion

Could the 2010 decade be the golden years of Pittsburgh art? Pittsburgh has already had it's time in the sun with industry, sports, medicine and education and the natural cycle of development has continued. The Pittsburgh music scene has been getting more exposure thanks to Allderdice's own Wiz Khalifa. The movie industry has found it's place and with the upcoming filming of "Batman" should continue to do well. If history is any sign of things to come, as the arts flourish so too does the city and region around it.

It looks as if the Pittsburgh literature scene may now have it's chance with the publication of "Pittsburgh Noir" which is a collection of short stories based around international cities and their neighborhoods. To celebrate there will be many upcoming events such as author meet and greets and book signings. Many neighborhoods will be featured and I will especially be interested in reading "Intruder" which takes place in historic Schenley Farms, right around the corner from my dwelling. I always find a little more enjoyable when I can imagine the characters walking through places that I know. Hopefully "Pittsburgh Noir" will be a success and help to build the Pittsburgh art scene for the future.

City gets full 'Noir' treatment

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