Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look In the Sky...A Bird...A Plane...No It's Clemente!

Wilfred Santiago is a Puerto Rican comic writer and artist who has just published a new graphic novel:"21: The Story of Roberto Clemente" (Fantagraphics Books, $22.99). I am not a huge comic book reader, although I have been to Pittsburgh Comic Con a few times and even made it to Wizard World Chicago twice with my cousin. I have always had interest, but it has never lasted too long. Here and there I will pick up a comic at the store for old times sake or because a monumental issue is printed and Santiago's graphic novel will motivate me to get out to Phantom of the Attic in Oakland this Saturday.

Any story involving Roberto Clemente is sure to be a hit in the Pittsburgh community. I am really excited to see not only how Clemente's life is portrayed in "21", but also to see how Pittsburgh looks in comic form. Will we match legendary Gotham City? Pittsburgh is a true baseball town, but unfortunately the Pirates have not given reason for pride, this graphic novel could hopefully spark some interest from a generation of fans who has yet to see or remember a winner.

I hope this graphic novel is a success and based on what I have seen of the novel will surely add to the already larger than life legacy of Pirates great Roberto Clemente.

Graphic novel '21' tells story of Roberto Clemente - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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  1. Wow, you will get a signed copy too. I was reading reviews of this and the artwork is supposed to be fantastic.

    On a side note, I am going to go to the comic store and look for the controversial Superman # 900. I am big into comic bandwagon jumping, if I hear that something is rare or monumental I will buy it (which means buy one every couple of yrs). Yeah, I'm one of those guys...sorry comic book world