Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hollywood Theater: Back in Business!

Dormont's own Hollywood Theater is back in business. Even though I live about half a mile from this place, I somehow missed the news that it was reopening once again. This place is a real treasure. They show a mix of new, old, classic, horror, cult films and more in a old fashioned, single screen theater. The best part of all is that it is BYOB!

I only went to one movie during their last run more than a year ago, and while I loved the atmosphere, the one complaint I had was that the speakers were barely audible. I would think speakers these days are cheap enough that it should be no problem upgrading to fill the entire auditorium with noise. That said, can't beat a BYOB movie theater within walking distance from my house.

Opening weekend featured a free showing of Night of the Living Dead, including guest appearances from cast members (damn, I wish I had known). The theater has also reportedly been contracted to serve as a location for "Perks of Being a Wallflower," an upcoming film starring the girl from Harry Potter and based on a novel by an Upper St. Clair native.

More information, as well as their viewing schedule (which really picks up in June) are available on the theater's Facebook page. Anyone up for a midnight showing of Big Lebowski?


  1. I actually never saw that movie, might be a good place to go to finally see it

  2. I always did want to try out that theatre.

  3. I would see Big Lebowski. When is it?

  4. It looks like they have a midnight show every Saturday and Big Lebowski alternates with Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lebowski is scheduled for the 11th and 25th of June.