Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holgorsen Embraces WVU Spirit

Head Coach Behind this year's head coach Dana Holgorsen
Despite his short tenure at West Virginia, it appears that Head Coach in waiting Dana Holgorsen has fully come to appreciate what it takes to become a member of the WVU community.  According to this report, Holgorsen had to be escorted out of the elegant Mardi Gras Casino & Resort at the early hours of 3 am on May 18.  Holgorsen apparently was there with other university representatives, most likely just trying to 'fit in.'

Normally, a coach at a major university would wait to have a couple good seasons before getting drunk and obnoxious at a university function, especially on a Wednesday night.  For example, Frank Solich had a long history of winning seasons before passing out drunk in his car, which was facing the wrong direction on a one way street - while the car was still in drive.

No, Holgorsen decided it was best to get his first drunken scandal out of the way, so he could get down to brass tacks and focus on recruiting kids who couldn't get into other schools.  Boozing, gambling, and mixing it up with local police - Holgorsen is WVU through and through. 


  1. This guy has a reputation for partying pretty hard. I remember reading message boards when he was being considered for the Pitt job and posters from OK St would joke that he would write up plays for the game on a cocktail napkin the night before. He'll fit right in with Huggy Bear, who has a DUI under his belt.

  2. The skullet also fits in perfectly at WVU. I guess they raised their standards adding some form of mullet to admissions and job qualification requirements. Truly a fine institution.