Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pittsburgh Goes Crazy for Another Chamionship

You may be wondering, did the Penguins, Power, or a local university win a championship? If you are a sports fan you will surely say no, but if you are a fan of pop culture you will know that Hines Ward and partner Kym Johnson have added another title to the City of Champions' trophy case.

With the NFL season finishing more than three months ago and a pending lockout yinzers far and wide have been yearning for some reason to wave their Terrible Towels in the months that they are usually left folded in a drawer. "Dancing With the Stars" and Hines Ward gave Steeler Nation the chance to rejoice in yet another show of affection for the Black and Gold. Since Hines Ward began dancing ratings had been high for the already beloved TV show, but as proud yinzers, Steeler Nation was sure to support Hines Ward both by watching the show and calling in to ensure victory for a Steeler. Even amidst rival cities such as Baltimore and Cleveland staging anti-Hines Ward phone calls in order to stop any chance of Hines winning Steeler Nation thwarted their efforts successfully.

Last night's "Dancing With the Stars" had everyone on the edge of their seats much like the final drive of Super Bowl XLIII as Santonio Holmes made that infamous game winning touchdown catch. Sally Wiggin, (who was sent out to Los Angeles to cover the event) in particular was emotionally moved as Hines won and she cried tears of joy. Not to be outdone, Pittsburgh even hosted a "Dancing With the Stars" finale party at Stage AE on the North Shore in an effort to support Hines and his pursuit of the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.  Roughly 500 towel waving people decked out in black and gold attended the event hosted by Action News anchor Andrew Stockey .

As Ward and partner Kym Johnson performed a samba as their last dance they both were concerned as Kirstie Alley seemed to receive a better reaction from the crowd and some of the judges.  Although Ward and Johnson were visibly concerned, they had to know that the yinzers of Steeler Nation would help them get over the top. That is exactly what happened as the dancing duo was crowned champion and handed the Mirror Ball Trophy. Hines even said "this (Mirror Ball Trophy) will go right next to my MVP trophy in my house."

Fan reaction on the North Shore was captured by Channel 4.  This coverage truly captures the spirit and enthusiasm of Pittsburgh's love for one of their own.  Hines Ward thanked all of his supporters in the 'burgh, "I just want to thank all of Steeler Nation for their support for Kym and I. It's been a wonderful ride and we couldn't have made it this far without you guys. Drink one for us and I'll bring this Mirror Ball Trophy back to Pittsburgh and we can have a big party in Pittsburgh."

Has Pittsburgh found its new favorite entertainment? Will there be a victory parade in honor of Ward and Johnson? Will Ward retire and become a full-time dancer? Will yinzers be attending ball room dancing events and classes? Or maybe this was just an excuse to get drunk on a Tuesday night. These are all questions that will be answered as Pittsburgh lives in the glory of another championship.


  1. These people will be waking up with a bad hangover not seen since.....Sunday morning

  2. or since Monday morning haha

  3. i was giving them the benefit of the doubt since it is not Steeler season.....not sure why i am granting it though

  4. Great article Pills. You really captured the spirit of the thing haha.

    This has to be up there with some of the greatest achievements in Pittsburgh history. The best part of the show last night is when the girl emcee asked Hines if a victory 'here tonight' would make up for the Super Bowl loss. It was really awkward, but Hines answered it in true professional form.

    The Steelers now have as many DWTS championship rings as the Ravens, Bungles and Brownies have Super Bowls.

  5. Thanks, Steller. This may be the most cherished chamionship in recent memory.