Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Major League Baseball Hats

The previous post inspired me to make my top 10 list of best baseball hats. This is very similar to the NFL helmet debate simply because on a hat you have limited space. I am not including general logos because I feel that the hat is more representative than a logo for baseball. The baseball hat is iconic. For instance,the Pirate logo is great and always has been, but I am rating based on the 'P' on the hat.

Top Baseball Hats:
1. White Sox, primary hat, diagonal Olde English words can't describe this hat.
2. Yankees, primary hat, as much as I hate to put the Yankees on this list the hat is a classic and has defined more than just a baseball team.
3. Tigers, primary hat, I love the Olde English D.
4. Pirates, primary hat, classic two colors the 'P' is iconic.
5. Cardinals, primary hat, the red and the S T L is a great twist on the traditional letters.
6. Dodgers, primary hat, again, great blue and stayed true to Brooklyn roots.
7. Brewers, throwback hat, for some reason this is so simple and lame that it is cool.
8. Orioles, throwback hat, tri-color hat with big cartoon Oriole, a sign of the years past.
9. Angels, current primary hat or throwback with tilted halo, very rare combination of letters and logo that looks good.
10. Indians, primary hat, this is the best non-letter hat and you can actually see the entire Chief Wahoo without being too much on a hat.

Obviously the theme for my list was classic and simple. Baseball is the one sport where the hats have not changed much and if they do it is the alternate uniform that showcases the new design. Maybe it has to do with being America's past time and another way that baseball stays constant over time, but the best hats will never need updated.


  1. I have to go with the basic plain hats with a solid color.

    Pirates, Yankees, Dodgers, Tigers, Cardinals, and White Sox are great and haven't changed much, if at all over the last 50 yrs (sans the Sox). I always thought the Nationals could do better maybe with an interlocking DC instead of a big stupid W. It could be similar to the DC team from the Bases Loaded Nintendo games.

  2. DC def instead of that awful looking W.

    I also am a fan of solid colors and basic hats that haven't changed much over the history of the team (except in the 70s, when every team except the Yankees went crazy)