Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First OBL, Now BCS?

It has been a busy time for the American Government. With all of the news hitting the air waves, it just might be the opportune time for the Department of Justice to strike against the BCS. That is correct, the Department of Justice may ride the tidal wave of recent events and try to slap an anti-trust investigation and possible lawsuit against the already controversial BCS.

From the perspective of a graduate of an insider schools, I have to hope that we really do not need the Department of Justice to get involved in ending the BCS in order to help to create a playoff system, but it can't hurt to have the law and American Government on your side.

I love the pomp and splendor of the Bowl Games, but they have lost most of their luster since the BCS began. I love the sometimes mythical match-ups, the possibility of having two undefeated teams and leaving the true champion to be crowned by people debating on the bar stool, but since the inception of the BCS I have to say that this has been ruined. The BCS is simply a half hearted attempt at a playoff, minus the rounds before the championship. Even though the BCS most likely helps my school more than it hurts in it's chances to play for a national title, I would prefer a real championship playoff. We all know the debates on both sides by now. Let's just hope the sports justice prevails with a little assistance from real justice.

Justice Department asks NCAA why there is no football playoff - College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN


  1. "From the perspective of a graduate of an insider schools" - more like fringe school.

  2. Well, leave it to a graduate of an institution with a severe inferiority complex in their conference to make a comment like that. As Double M says, "Don't cut off other peoples' legs to make yourself feel taller". As far as BCS goes anyone who does not make it to the title game is a fringe school.