Monday, May 23, 2011

PNC Plans World's Greenest Skyscraper

Site of future PNC Skyscraper
Over the span of 18 months, an assortment of unknown entities and LLC's acquired all of the real estate between Fifth and Forbes Avenue along Wood Street.  During this time, PNC declined to comment on whether they were behind the acquisitions.  However, it was widely believed to be PNC because the same companies that purchased the real estate that led to the development of PNC Tower 3 were involved in this land procurement as well. 

PNC finally acknowledged that they were the company behind the purchashing, and released their intentions to build another office building.  Today, PNC went even further and released their plans to erect the World's Greenest Skyscraper.

Details are scarce at this time, but early plans indicate that the goal is to design a building that will exceed LEED Platinum, currently the highest possible rating by the U.S. Green Building Council.  This fourth building will sit adjacent to PNC's other three buildings and is planned to be 40 stories high and approximately 800,000 square feet.


  1. What a great thing for the city. Between the new stadiums and arena, convention center, downtown development, and hopefully more to come, all of us in our '20s and '30s are lucky to be experiencing this time in our cities history. Now if they can just address public transportation...

  2. Ya it is really nice to see all of the redevelopment going on it our city. I am really looking forward to see how the new waterfront project goes - the redevelopment along the river from the Strip District all the way to Lawrenceville. It is really nice to be in our 20s and 30s and get to experience all the new things.