Monday, May 16, 2011

Bobby Bo Still Fleecing Mets

Ultimate Confidence Man Bobby Bonilla
Full-time crybaby and part-time professional baseball player Bobby Bonilla begins 'earning' his buyout from the Mets soon.  He reportedly will receive $29,831,205 between 2011 and 2035; more than he received from his first contract with the Mets.  Pirates fans remember this contract as the one that stole him away and began the dismantling of the great early 90s teams. 

The large buyout Bonilla is to receive actually was the result of a second stint with the Mets, one in which the Mets deferred paying his buyout of $5.9 mil in order to free up money to bring in Mike Hampton, Derek Bell and Todd Zeile.  These three new acquisitions proved enough to enable the Mets to reach the World Series in 2000; one which they ultimately lost.

One of those acquisitions, Derek Bell, was later brought in by the Pirates brain trust in order to turn around the struggling franchise.  He was a huge bust, and was subsequently arrested for felony cocaine possession.


  1. He was a great 'Killer B'. It is too bad that team fell apart.

  2. Good for Bobby Bo, he made a good deal with an idiotic GM.

  3. Ya I read that that GM made the same type of deal with many other players.