Saturday, May 14, 2011

Golf Fan Saves the Day, but for What?

Norman-Gerard Merizzi just found his 15 minutes of fame by rescuing the driver of Michael Bradley at The Players Championship. Bradley "dropped" his club into a water hazard behind the tee box at 16th hole. Merizzi was very kind, we all have been on the course hoping that someone could save us a stroke from a lost ball or hazard, but Merizzi received no glory for his actions. He was made fun of by the golf announcers and no reports have shown any love towards Merizzi for his actions by the PGA or Bradley himself.

Take a look at the video and article linked below and listen to the announcers comments. Modern golf is an elitist sport fin every aspect of the word, but this was a regular fan being laughed at by trying to do something nice for a pro golfer. I hope that Merizzi gets a free round of golf at the course, maybe a set of clubs courtesy of Bradley, or any other gesture of thanks, but as of the moment Merizzi was laughed at and tossed aside.

I don't want this to sound as if I am bashing the professional golf world, but golfers are the athletes most unlike the average person. Somehow I can't imagine a golfer rising up out of poverty or riding a smelly bus from town to town in order to make their dreams come true. Golfers already lived a cushy lifestyle and go on with life as usual. The commentators just showed how out of touch they are with the average person.

With all of that being said and me having the advantage of being an average person I feel as if I can make the following comment: the only thing that would have been better than Merizzi saving the club would have been to see him save the club as delicately as he did only to fall into the water while trying to get up.

Fan rescues Michael Bradley’s driver from watery grave - Devil Ball Golf - Golf Blog - Yahoo! Sports

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