Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Needles Pricks Pittsburgh and the Nation

Add yet another honor to the city of Pittsburgh. This time Pittsburgh has shown that it is not only the most livable city and the new trendiest city in America, but Yinzers can hang their hat on the fact that the 'Burgh is home to the winner of the most recent edition of RuPaul's Drag Race. Winner, Sharon Needles is a Bloomfield resident who has been seen as not only the winner of the popular TV show, but also as a symbol for Anti-Bullying and LGBT pride.

Needles was honored by the Pittsburgh City Council on June 12. Outside of the drag circle Needles is otherwise known as 30-year-old Aaron Coady. Needles has used her position throughout her life to push for LGBT rights. This has not come without risk as the fire department is currently investigating a suspicious fire at her residence and she has even thought of moving out of the city due to peoples’ unwillingness to be tolerant and hateful towards the way she lives.

Needles has brought another honor to the city of Pittsburgh further exemplifying Pittsburgh as a hip, modern city that is open and progressive. Congratulations to Sharon Needles on her accomplishments as she moves forward as a symbol for the LGBT community.

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