Monday, July 2, 2012

Pittsburgh: Yinz Probly Think Dis Song Is Abaut You

It sure has been a busy year for Pittsburgh.  Even when our sports teams are not winning championships, the city is earning accolades that may trump them all.  Most Livable City, Worst Dressed, Home of the Cross-dressing Beauty Queen are just some of the recent crowns to be proud of, but pride is the theme of the newest notch on the belt of Pittsburgh as Pittsburgh has just been named #6 on Men's Health Magazine's "America's Top 10 Vainest Cities."

That is right Pittsburgh now sits alongside of some of its arch nemeses such as Dallas (5), Tampa (1), and Plano, TX (2). At first, I thought that this moniker was kind of ridiculous considering the fact that we were named one of the worst dressed cities, but I suppose this just adds to the fact that even if we dress poorly, we think we look great. Some of the reasons cited for being vain include the number of tanning salons, number of people going for hair-dye jobs, and the high per-capita volume of plastic surgeons. Take a walk dahn da South Side or the Strip and I'm not sure that we would really see super models, but apparently the facts speak for themselves.

I am sure that Yinzers far and wide will have varied views of this new title for the city, but as Miyoshi Anderson, a model and executive director of Pittsburgh Fashion Week, says, "When you hear staggering number of diabetes and obesity, it makes people more aware of their appearance and the importance of looking great and feeling great."

Could our unhealthy food addictions and heavy beer drinking have been the driving force to becoming vain? We may never know. So the next time someone says that Yinzers are full of themselves, just say, "damn right yinz jagoffs."

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