Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3: Horrifyingly Terrible

In addition to seeing The Rum Diary I also recently saw with much anticipation followed by extreme disappointment, Paranormal Activity 3.

It was the week leading up to Halloween and I wanted to see this movie to finalize my preparation for one of my favorite holidays. In 2007 I saw the original Paranormal Activity and was the most scared that I had ever been in my life following a movie. The original was just that...original and scary. Even after I returned home my fears were not subdued until I checked the Internet and found out that the story was fiction. Although I missed the second installment of this series I wanted to see PA3.

Now to the movie. The plot was redundant and ridiculous. All of the gags, haunting happenings, and surprises had all been done in the first movie. The only difference was that children were involved this time. I thought that adding kids would add a new dimension to the movie and I am sure that the writers and directors did as well, but unfortunately it was not executed well. The story revolves around the daughters arguing about an imaginary friend named Toby who ends up being the phantom haunting the home. The ending was supposed to be a surprise, but it really was nonsensical and made me wonder why they added a "secret plot line" involving a nosey soon-to-be mother in law who somehow was communicating and channeling Toby to possibly take over the daughters of the home. Like I said...nonsense.

I think a movie patron said it best while we were waiting in line to enter the movie by saying, "this movie's gonna be dumb as f@#k." Well sir, you were right.

Pills rates Paranormal Activity 3 1/6 Irons.

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