Thursday, December 15, 2011

Move Ya Jagoff!

The new craze in da Burgh, "Move Ya Jagoff!"  This brilliant version of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" created by Pat Conway stars some jag named Nick Armstrong on his daily commute from Troy Hill to Dahntahn Picksburgh.  Enjoy!


  1. R Korn said...

    This is hilarious. I'm lovin' the stache, accent, and lyrics. Singing with a cig in his mouth is the cherry on top.

    Also, throwing hands up in the air when pissed at another driver reminds me of Blast Furnace members mocking a driver near DC on a recent rode trip.

    Any guesses on the kind of car he is driving? My guess is something like a '92 Bonneville

  2. My favorite part was the cig hanging from his mouth while driving, AKA "The Mr. Bandi". My geuss for the car is a 94 Taurus.

  3. Pills said...

    Haha..I like how he hates traffic...typical yinzer statement. Probably driving a Firebird.