Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Complaints by Pittsburghers

Pittsburgers, as we know, love to complain whether it be calling into local talk shows, talking with your buddies at the local watering hole about some jag you encountered, or chit-chatting with strangers.  Here is a list of some of the topics we love to complain about:

Traffic:  Between sitting on the Parkway East waiting to get into the Squirrel Hill Tunnel, gridlock at the intersection of 51 and 88, constant construction on Rt. 28, coming to a grinding halt on the Parkway West atop Green Tree Hill, or navigating the confusing and congested Downtown streets, Pittsburghers get perturbed the most over traffic.  We all have secret short cuts to try to avoid these nightmares, but a lot of the time you just can't avoid it.  Why entering tunnels suddenly makes drivers hit the brakes, nobody quite knows.  Pittsburgh traffic has even caused one frustrated driver to spoof Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" with his song and video "Move Ya Jagoff." 

The dreaded Squirrel Hill Tunnels
Weather:  Pittsburgh has weather for everyone:  rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sometimes even sunshine.  Residents complain in July and August when it is hot and humid and detest the snow and below freezing temperatures in the winter months.  Pittsburgh also has very few sunny days, so planning that picnic orthe trip to the Arts Festival is always tricky due to the abundant rainfall that the region receives.  The same neighborhoods et al continue to get flooded each year, ahem Millvale and Mon Wharf, which causes much heartache for residents and commuters. We have even seen some small tornadoes recently.  The weather also contributes to the always present potholes on Western PA roadways that drives commuters bonkers.   
Just a typical day in Pittsburgh
Politics/Politicians:  Former County Executive Dan Onorato was chief villain for a while when he instituted the drink tax. This tax was supposed to kill the bar business and popular binge drinking as we know it.  7% of a few bucks?  Seems like bars are busier than ever.  Mayor Luke Ravenstahl for his adolescent and moronic behavior.  Former Gov. Ed Rendell for "favoring" Philadelphia.  The Pittsburgh Post Gazette (PPG) endorsed Tom Corbett for Governor due mainly to his support of privatizing liquor stores.  Now everyone, including the PPG, strongly opposes his policies on gutting education, not regulating the natural gas industry, voter ID laws etc.  And of course, we have the Marcellus Shale.  The pro-business population wanted fracking bad, but now that it is here these people don't want drilling anywhere near their community.  We want to have our cake and eat it too.  Property assessments.....enough said.

Mayor Ravenstahl Tebowing
Parking:  Finding a parking spot for an automobile stresses many out.  Going to a sporting event?  Where in the world is one to park?  PNC/Heinz Field spaces are shrinking by the year.  Uptown..... fogetaboutit!  This problem causes many people to leave whatever game they are attending early, no matter the score, importance of the game, or time or day...."gotta to beat the traffic." Oakland, South Side, better get your folding chair ready to save your spot while you're out.
Don't you dare even think about moving that chair courtesy of
Steelers - Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians is the one to blame if, 1) the defense lets up a 98 yd game winning drive in the 4th quarter 2) the offensive line is constantly injured and lacks talent 3) Not playing smash mouth "Steeler football" when you have unreliable running backs and offensive lineman.  (Note: Arians was finally let go after the 2011 season)
Upset with national NFL "experts" not ranking Roethlisberger as the top QB in the league. 
Roger Goodell for conspiring against the Steelers with fines and suspensions. 
Phil Simms and his biased color commentary during a Steeler game.

Penguins -  Sidney, Sidney, Sidney....his concussions, toughness, and future are popular fodder for fans as he continues to miss games due to the violent blows he has taken over the last two seasons.
Fans taking it personally if Mario Lemieux isn't regarded by "experts" as the greatest hockey player to ever grace the ice; being ranking # 2 or # 3 is just too ridiculous to comprehend.
Jaromr Jagr......boooooooooo!

Pirates - There is legitimate reason to be upset here, 19 losing seasons, cheap owners, and poor management.
Pitt Football -   Getting to the elusive "next level," attendance, building an on-campus stadium, and bringing back the classic script uniforms
Classic Pitt Stadium and one of the best college uniforms of all time: the blue and mustard gold "Pitt Script"

Pitt Basketball - Final Four anyone?

So.....let us conclude that there are a lot of things to complain about.  But, talk to someone who left Pittsburgh and moved to another city.  Ask them about St. Patrick's Day celebrations, parades to celebrate sports' championships (if the city has a major sports team), fireworks, amusement parks, ethnic foods, fish sandwiches.....They miss their city.  Yes we love to hate our city.


  1. I miss fish sandwiches, bakeries, pizza places......and my friends and family!!! Thats enough for me to move back! But I want to add to the complaints.....driving 25 on clifton road, even w NO traffic it takes an hour to drive 15 miles anywhere, old people stuck in ruts who dn embrace change and no wine at Target!! And u MUST add Pittsburhger may want to admit it but the beloved Giant Eagle must have a secret mafia bc their prices r ridic!! Groceries r less here in VA!! The fuelperks r just a disguise!!!!


  2. Pills said...

    I always hate how everyone has to run out of stadiums after a huge win instead of just enjoying the environment. Another complaint: going downtown in general, for some reason that is always loathed.