Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hunger Games: Merely an Appetizer

Over the weekend I went to see the much hyped and anticipated movie, The Hunger Games at Loews Waterfront Theater. I was expecting a packed house even though the movie has been out for a few weeks and being at 10:40 on a Saturday night. Surprisingly, I was one of 12 in the theater. Regardless, I was eager for the movie to begin. The Hunger Games is based on the book by Suzanne Collins and from what I was told previously, "you should read the series of books before seeing the movies."  I am not sure if I was fortunate or not, but I did not invest the time in the books simply because I wanted to see what the brew-ha-ha was about.

I can separate The Hunger Games into 3 distinct parts:

Part I: The Set-up: Through a few short readings the viewer was put up to speed with the background of what the Hunger Games are, how and why they are played, and how "tributes are selected."  I always like any movie that begins or ends with a reading of the background or what happens after a movie finished so my hopes were high. Following this, the main characters emerge and we are quickly brought into the training for the games and the characters concerns. At this point I was very excited and getting into the movie.

Part II: The Hunger Games: This is where the movie lost me. The Hunger Games are played in an "arena" for all people in the Hunger Games world to view and cheer on their "tribute."  This part contained little to no meaningful dialogue and really frustrated and bored me. I really dislike extended fight scenes and I grew tired and choose to close my eyes and hope to take a snooze. I asked my wife to wake me when any dialogue began. She did and I was glad that we moved on. Although, I did watch some of the fighting I was disappointed that there was no killing actually shown and most people seemed to die of events not related to the Hunger Games. Also, the arena was strikingly similar to where the vampires and werewolves meet to fight in the Twilight saga.

Part III: The Conclusion and Love Story: This is where I really lost all hope for this movie. I can't stand when good stories (or bad stories) needlessly turn into love stories. The movie had a chance to salvage itself, but alas teen love blossoms and becomes the focal point of the movie. Now I know why high school girls were so in love with a post-apocalyptic society with fighting to the death. Enough is enough.

I went into The Hunger Games with very high expectations and that may have been why I was so disappointed with this movie or it could have been that I am not a 16 year old girl. I am also glad that I did not spend time on the books after this flop.

Pills gives The Hunger Games 2/6 Irons.

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  1. I'm glad you posted this. I was still thinking about checking out this movie, but wasn't sure. I didn't see it in theatres bc I had a feeling it might not be that great. I def won't waste my time on this movie now.