Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crepes Parisiennes: A Delightful Surprise

Being a student and living in Oakland since I graduated from Pitt in 2005 I have walked Craig Street too many times to count. There are many unique eateries and shops that always have enticed me to enter. One place that I always wanted to enter, but never did was Crepes Parisiennes located at 207 South Craig Street. There were many reasons that I never entered mainly because crepes were not something that I craved, but also because of its seemingly limited hours. That all changed this weekend as my wife suggested having a Sunday brunch there before heading out to do some shopping at the mall.

We arrived at Crepes Parisiennes at around 12:00 and were I glad that we did. From the outside Crepes is very unassuming and looks like it is not busy. Its charming exterior is really what invites customers in to a great place to brunch. The small space is very well planned with a few outside tables on Craig Street and roughly 12 tables inside. The inside is well decorated with great lighting and has the feel of a European eatery. Even though most of the tables were full, the atmosphere was quiet and calm.

Approaching the counter the customer is greeted by a large menu of sweet crepes, salty, crepes, Panini’s, salads, coffees, and other beverages. Keep in mind that Crepes is cash only so be sure to stop at the bank before entering. The menu is priced very well with the crepes being priced around $8 and sandwiches the same. A small house salad is included with the crepes or sandwich. After placing your order, select a table, and quick service results.

I ordered the Breakfast Crepe which consisted of sausage, egg, and cheese with the house Soytang sauce while my wife ordered the Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Crepe which had mushroom, spinach, and tomato with the B├ęchamel sauce. Both of us very more than pleased with our orders and surprisingly there was a lot of food which filled us up. The food was not heavy in the way which many American breakfasts are and made me feel full while not being bloated. The coffee was excellent (I like to consider myself a coffee connoisseur). This was a great meal and I would definitely return to try some other options.

Pills give Crepes Parisiennes 6/6 Irons. I am sure that anything on the menu is excellent, the space is open and inviting, and the price is great as well. Just be sure to have cash on hand and don't forget to leave a tip as this is truly authentic Paris because no tips were left at the table. I am sure that I will be back to this wonderful eatery on Craig Street.  Also, be sure to check the hours as they are very limited.


  1. I always enjoy walking up and down S Craig St. it is a very nice street and has many nice places to eat and unique stores

  2. Try the creperie in Shadyside. Absolutely great. I go with the sausage egg and cheese crepe, but you can always get the nutella desert crepe, which is amazing.


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