Thursday, July 7, 2011

Google+ Selects Mark Cuban

So apparently google is launching a new 'project' that is supposed to compete with facebook called google+.  Currently, only a few people with Gmail accounts were selected, at random, to try out google's latest endeavor. 
A key feature of google+ is photo uploading from phones.  Once a picture is taken or uploaded on your phone, it is automatically uploaded to your google+ account. Privacy settings should not be worried about, because photos uploaded to your google+ account will be held in a private folder, and are only made public if the user makes them public.  Unfortunately, it seems, Google still has some glitches in its google+ project it needs to work out.
One of the 'random' people selected for the google+ trial was Mark Cuban, and some of his private photos were accidentally made public.  Deadspin found the pictures online, and posted them on their website.  In true Mark Cuban character, he offered to narrate the pictures for deadspin.  Check out the link, some of the pictures are pretty crazy (Elephant walk included).
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