Friday, July 8, 2011

Tailgates Scheduled For Impending Implosion

We all know that there are many activities that Pittsburghers enjoy from "goin dahn da Sathside," Kennywood, sports championships, bobble heads, fireworks and eating a Primanti sandwich. All of the activities are signs of what it means to be a true Yinzer, but there is one favorite past time that may trump them all only because it happens once in a blue moon...the implosion of a building. After months of debate the Sports and Exhibition Authority has announced that the Civic Arena will be imploded in the next 10 months.

Pittsburgh is sure to make the implosion of the Civic Arena an historic event just as they did for the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium. Yinzers from far and wide traveled to the North Shore in order to tailgate and look on in awe at the rare change from explosion of fireworks at local stadiums to the implosion of the stadium itself. Not to be disappointed, Pittsburgh even celebrated the implosion with fireworks. Check out this video of Three Rivers being imploded.

The debate still rages on as to whether or not the Civic Arena should have been made a historic landmark or demolished. The stadium was old, decrepit, and useless for modern times. Reconstructing the building as a mall or sitting empty were two of the many proposed uses for the Civic Arena, but the SEA made the right move by voting to implode the arena. What good would a useless arena do? Does anyone really miss Three Rivers or Forbes Field? I understand the nostalgia around keeping the igloo, but just as igloos melt so to must the Civic Arena be demolished as the seasons have changed on an era of Pittsburgh sports.

In addition, the implosion is sure to generate much fanfare as the locals will head out early to grab a seat with friends and family, roll out the grills, sell "I was there at the Civic Arena Implosion" T-Shirts, and celebrate the end of an iconic arena with fireworks by Zambelli.

Be sure to send out the Civic Arena in true Pittsburgh fashion with intense media coverage, sports stars from yesteryear, a parade, and drunkenness. This is the good-bye that out old friend, the Civic Arena, deserves.


  1. R Korn said...

    goin dahn to watch the 'plosion n' at

  2. I didn't even think about the upcoming implosion. I was at college for the Three Rivers Implosion. I thought about coming home for it and have regretted missing it ever since. I think I'm going to have to make it to this one.

  3. Does anyone remember the bar in Southside called 'Club Implosion'?

    I was never able to attend a game at Forbes Field, but I always imagined how cool it would have been if Forbes Field was still there in the middle of campus.

  4. R Korn said...

    I remember Club 'plosions, didn't cos's dad used to hang out there? Not sure if it is still there.

    I think Forbes Field would have been great to see. One of those classic neighborhood ballparks.

    @Pills: I think people miss Forbes Field, a lot of old timers still reminisce about the ballpark. Three Rivers was a dump, I don't think anyone misses that. The Civic Arena had character and charm, I kind of miss it. The new place is nice and new but sterile and generic for hockey at least

  5. Epic 'Plosion Party up Mt. Warshington for 3 rivers.... too bad you can't see the Igloo from there