Monday, July 18, 2011

Pittsburgh: One of Worst Dressed Cities in America

Pittsburgh is always making "Top Ten" lists whether it be for "Most Livable Cities" or "Best Sports Towns," but now we have a new distinction that is sure to make us proud: "Worst Dressed." A Top 40 List of the Worst-Dressed Cities in America was recently published in the 'Style' section of GQ Magazine and Pittsburgh not only made the list, but placed # 3 overall. Just going to sporting events, Kennywood Park, or driving through local neighborhoods it is not difficult to see why we were ranked so high. GQ's Gil Mansfield cites the following characteristics that we Pittsburghers witness on a routine basis:
  • high top sneakers, preferably Converse, worn loosely tied
  • white tube socks
  • distressed jean shorts, worn long and with a sag in the keister
  • Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, size XXXL, preferably black
  • facial hair, preferably goatee or chin strappy beard
  • baseball cap, preferably something in a florescent shade of camouflage or a piece that reflects a strong allegiance to a NASCAR driver
  • ensemble varies slightly depending on the season; during the blustery winter months, Pittsburghers will often apply a heavy winter coat
Mansfield goes on to conclude, "there is no city on Earth that can equal the utter sloppiness of Pittsburgh." Pittsburgh came in only behind Boston and Los Angeles in the poll. What do Pittsburghers' think of this 'honor'? See the interview below:

There are a few things that I believe Mansfield got wrong. I do not believe that Pittsburgh is a huge NASCAR town; Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt, and the Steelers off-season is enough to occupy the minds of fans. While the goatee is popular among Yinzer's in their 20's and 30's, the mustache is still the preferred style of facial hair for Baby Boomers and I do not see too many "chin strappy beards." Tank tops are also favored during the summer months, this is a prominent look for Kennywood goers. It is too hot and humid in the summer time to wear jerseys. He also missed the 90s sunglasses and Brillo-Pad hair style with some still sporting the mullet and the gold chain around the neck. All in all, I suppose this is a fair article, but it is clear that Mr. Mansfield probably needs to spend a little more time in da 'burgh.


  1. Pills said...

    Chipped Ham Sam pretty much sums up how a classic yinzer dresses. My personal favorite is putting on your best Steelers jersey or polo for a night out on the town. You know yinzers far and wide are just itching to put on that shirt once pre-season football begins

  2. haha I was laughing so hard reading this and thinking of my own experiences viewing the 'fashions' of pittsburgh.

    I def agree with Pills. I love going out on a Sat night in middle of July and seeing some guy at the restaurant or bar wearing his Bettis jersey.

    I also love the 50 year old men at kennywood with their fluorescent tank tops, brillo pad hair w/ mullets, tanned leathery skin, stonewashed jean shorts, dirty white high tops, tube socks, and of course the fanny pack.

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