Friday, July 1, 2011

Jagr Signs With In-State Rival Flyers

Just when people were beginning to think that Jaromir Jagr was only using the possibility of returning to the NHL as leverage for a larger contract with the KHL, Jagr signed a 1 year $3.3 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers were a late addition and dark horse candidate in a previously believed two horse between the Penguins and Red Wings contending for Jagr's services.

As mentioned in my previous post concerning Jagr, Pittsburgher's already have a very divided view of #68. This groundbreaking announcement could only further solidify Jagr's villainy amongst Jagr haters and also may lose the support of Jagr fans. It may have been in question before, but now for certain Pittsburgher's will boo Jagr now that he signed with the much hated Filthadelphia Flyers. It has become clear that Jagr was always concerned with money involved with re-entering the NHL due to the simple fact that after the Flyers traded Mike Richards and Jeff Carter they quickly dropped as a possible Stanley Cup contender. Jagr is certainly not going to be a player to build a team around at 39 years old, but he would have fit much better as a complementary player on a contender such as the Penguins or Red Wings.

Again, I do not blame Jagr for going for the cash, but the way this all went down certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There are only two teams that I would not want to see Jagr with the Flyers or the Crapitals and unfortunately for Jagr he will return to Pittsburgh as an Atlantic division rival and will feel the wrath of the Pittsburgh fans every time he comes to town.

The legacy of Jaromir Jagr as an adopted son of Pittsburgh has certainly been tarnished and this is one move that Pittsburghers are sure not to forget. Jagr will still go down as one of the all-time greats and we should be proud that he started his career in Pittsburgh. I hope that Jagr made the right move for himself and he does well this season, but I also hope that the Penguins crush his spirit and body everytime the Flyers and Penguins meet this season in an already heated rivalry. Good luck Jagr and break a leg!

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