Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have You Seen This Man?

Aliases:  Matrix Man, The Vendor, Dancing Matrix guy
Sex:  Male
Race:  White/Caucasian
Height:  Approximately 6'2"
Weight: Approximately 240 lbs
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Brown
Distinguishing Features:  Mustache, mop top hair cut

Occupation:  Vendor at Heinz Field and PNC Park

Last Seen:  Late 2009/January 2010 dancing in the 80's room at the Matrix club located in Station Square - Pittsburgh, PA. 

If you have information on this man's whereabouts please contact the Blast Furnace:  We are looking forward to dancing with him one more time.


  1. Pills said...

    He could be at any sporting event or concert, possibly an eighties themed night club, but other than that I believe he will be hard to find...a Pittsburgh Big Foot.

  2. I'm still laughing at this. I think this is when he was about to begin his patented shake move, which inevitably led to his 360 degree spin moves

  3. I bet he goes dahn Carson Street Live after Bucco games.

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  5. My friend wrote on my fb wall that he works at bombardier. I dont know in what capacity.... he also said he sees him at buckheads now. He is still going!

  6. Ha ha! I miss Matrix and the 80s room!

  7. R Korn said...

    Add him to the list of pgh celebrities along with:

    The sax man
    Lemonade guy-vendor who just died
    Elvis - from Pens games
    Crazylady dahntahn who used to tell everyone the world was going to end tomorrow (late 80's)
    Edgar Snyder

  8. I'm pretty sure I've seen the dancing guy at Pirates games this season. I don't think he's gone from there.

    I'm tired of the sax guy. I used to like him, but I've tired of his act and calling out people who don't give him money.

    I once saw Edgar Snyder at the Giant Eagle in Squirrel Hill.

    I'll also add to other nominees: the homeless guy with the pit bull who wears sunglasses and the ultimate fan guy who has tickets for every team in town. My Pirates tickets used to be in the same section as his when I was in the upper deck behind home plate at PNC.

  9. R Korn said...

    Agree about the sax man, he needs to keep his mouth shut like he used to.

    The ultimate fan must live somewhere in the south hills I used to see him take the trolley down to games with his Pirate or Penguin jerseu on en route to a game.

    Also, who could forget Sombrero Man from Oakland. "Got any change, change" I think Souf Oaklin fo Life wrote about him once. He has been MIA for yrs