Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Yinzer's Summer Checklist

Summer is quickly winding down and with that all of the fun and excitement that has come to Pittsburgh will soon be ending as people will have their minds focused on the Steelers and the upcoming winter season. I too will have an abrupt end to summer so I thought that I would make a list of a Pittsburgher's vacation in their own city. One quirky characteristic of Pittburghers is that we always like to act as if making a trip to the city is like a cross country trek. With that being said a Pittsburgher is sure to take advantage of the summer vacation season and make their once a year trip to the following destinations.

All of the following are in no particular order and should be done on different days to ensure you got the most out of your day.

The Yinzer's Summer checklist:

Kennywood: A summer tradition, should be done to kick off the season
Sandcastle: Take a day off from work, but not a Friday or Monday you wouldn't want to deal with too many people or traffic
Pirates game: Nothing says Pittsburgh like a night out for a ball game, just make sure it is a promotional night for a bobble head or fireworks
Station Square: Although there is not much to do it is essential to go there and walk around and pick up a Pittsburgh souvenir, if you're lucky you can take the 'T'
Downtown: Again, take a day off because Pittsburgh shuts down at 5pm, make sure you plan accordingly again to avoid traffic and enjoy a restaurant in Market Square
Ride the Inclines to Mount Washington: You may say can't this be combined with going downtown? Of course not, you have to ride up walk to a restaurant, and return in time to beat the traffic.
The Strip District: Even though grocery store prices are comparable it is the event of the Strip that keeps people coming back, stop by Wholey's and Primanti Brothers
Oakland: Walk around to see the museums or the Cathedral
Southside: Be sure to do some daytime drinking and extend it into the night
PPG Zoo: As this is hard to get to from many parts of the city a whole day is needed to enjoy the animals
Regatta: Need I say more?
4th of July Fireworks: Again, need I say more?
Outlet Mall: Grove City or Tanger for a nice day out
Give up on the Pirates: We were lucky that is lasted until the end of July this year
Get your Steelers gear out of the closet: Some may already have it out, but once training camp hits you can now wear it without shame or seeming too anxious
Steelers training camp: No summer is complete without a trip to Latrobe, heck go crazy and rent a hotel for the week... this is vacation!
Watch a pre-season Steelers game: Go ahead admit it Pittsburgh, you say you don't care about the pre-season, but just admit that you want to tailgate or throw a party to watch the black and gold during any season, you were probably breaking down film all summer with your VHS player
Clear out you Sunday schedule: Do I have to explain?

As you can see the theme here revolves around avoiding traffic, having fun at the beginning of summer, and then focusing life around the Steelers. So let us know what you have 'checked-off' this summer or what you would add. It was a great summer...until next year.

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