Sunday, September 18, 2011

ACC Accepts Pitt and Syracuse

ACC Commissioner John Swofford announces that Pitt and Syracuse have officially been accepted by the ACC. This will be a very exciting time for the University of Pittsburgh and for fans of the program and for ACC fans. Chancellor Mark Nordenberg is very excited with the move.

One rumor that I am very happy about concerns the basketball side of the move. The ACC commented that there are talks to move the ACC Tournament to Madison Square Garden. In my opinion this solidifies that idea that convincing Pitt and Syracuse basketball was the linchpin in this deal. Keeping the NYC basketball pipeline to both programs plus adding the recruiting hot-bed of the DC Metro area and playing UNC and Duke every year will keep top recruits going to both programs. In addition, I can not wait to 'boo' both UNC and Duke as I hate both programs, especially the coaches and the thousands of fans who attended neither school, but proclaim themselves as 'die-hards'. I hope both teams tough styles dominate the hardwood and prove the supremacy of their programs over the media darlings.

On the football side I am most excited to get some top-notch programs on the schedule and visiting Heinz Field every other year. Some great road trips could also be added as I would love to see a game at Florida State, but also because many schools are drivable and close to some tourist destinations. This will hopefully add many season ticket holders from Pitt alumni, curious fans, and ACC alumni as well.

Let's see how this move will change Pitt's future and the future of NCAA football in the coming months.

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  1. The best part will be PITT and Syracuse finally showing the nation how soft Duke and NC are twice a year in bb. Nice to see they will now also have the opportunity to do it at MSG as well.