Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heinz Revolutionizes Food...Again

Just when you thought that there could be no new technology in the individual serving condiment business Heinz comes through with a winner. Heinz has developed a new single serving ketchup packet that makes it easier for you to get started eating both quicker and more cleanly. The new ketchup packet will be test run in a few fast food restaurants in order to gauge consumer response.

I for one love this idea. I always hate how it is so difficult to open a package and although I almost never eat in my car I would have to suffer with a bland condimentless meal because it was either use condiments or crash my car. Not only do I like this for that reason, but also because now my hands won't be messy simply from opening the packet. A clean squirt is all that I have wanted for years. Finally, I hope that this technology is available for all condiments because I really hate squirting my condiments on paper or the cheap place-mat and then dipping my food.

The only question that I have is: Why did it take 3 years to develop this 'technology'? The last advancements were eco-friendly bottles, the upside down clean squeeze bottle, and the infamous multi-colored ketchup.

Cheers to Heinz and another hit bringing more pride to Pittsburgh again.


  1. Why did it take 6+ months for The Blast Furnace to realize Heinz had already introduced this? Chick-fil-a has been using this for a while. The story says they have already done the test marketing and are now implementing the packet in more restaurants. What is the next story... Pitt is considering leaving the Big East?

  2. Pills said...

    Hey anonymous, sorry we all don't go binge eating at fast-food restauants. I'll bet you are one of the people who "squirt ketchup into their mouths and then add fries" as the Wall Street Journal suggests. I apologize for not keeping fast food at the top of my priority list. I'll be sure to take comments from you when there is news of a new burger at Wendy's.

  3. I think it would be more ridiculous if we covered this story when it first came out as breaking news. I figure Anonymous originally had a part in marketing the new Heinz test packs, and is insulted that the BlastFurnace did not cover this fast food break through sooner.

    In other news, the Blast Furnace is in search of someone to cover late breaking fast food news. Anonymous, are you interested?

  4. Anonymous sucks. Maybe it's because I've been on a boat for most of this year, but I just saw these packets on Friday and I love them! Just another example of how Pittsburgh is on the leading edge of technology and research.