Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Joe Paterno at a recent press conference, praising recent ACC acquisitions
Did anybody hear Penn State's press conference the other day? When Paterno was asked about the conferences realigning, he surprised everyone by basically saying, "who knows where Penn State ought to end up."

I was kind of searching the internet reading about Pitt and Syracuse moving to the ACC, and came across some articles talking about Joe Paterno's desire (and large push for) PSU's entrance into the ACC back in the 80s. The ACC was Paterno's first choice before PSU joined the Big Ten.  Basically, he wanted an ACC that would stretch the entire Atlantic coast; obviously that didnt occur at that time. Now, it has actually happened.

Penn State's Curley and Spanier immediately came out and said that Penn State is happy in the Big Ten and not leaving, shooting down what Paterno said. (And possibly showing their growing desire to push Paterno out). But you have to wonder why on earth Paterno would say such a thing. If Penn State were to move to the ACC, they would be playing the same teams they used to in the independent days -- Maryland, Pitt, 'Cuse.... and Notre Dame.

If Notre Dame goes to the ACC, I believe Penn State will be right there with them. Notre Dame's contract with NBC runs out in 2015, and if the ACC can come up with a new TV deal with NBC along with its already lucrative ESPN deal, that could be pretty convincing.

Who knows what will happen with the Big East, despite what their comissioner has been saying. If it falls, Notre Dame is left without a basketball conference, setting up its need to be invited into a conference. I do not think any conference will allow Notre Dame to enter just with its basketball team. Similarly, I believe Notre Dame would most likely go to the Big Ten if they are by themselves, but if Penn State is looking to make a move, I could see them both going to the ACC.

Geographically, it makes no sense for Penn State to be in the Big Ten. And if Paterno's thoughts reflect the administrations thoughts on the matter at all, some interesting things could be occuring.


  1. Pills said...

    I think the biggest positive aside from moving toward a playoff system is that Notre Dame is basically being told that they are of no relevance any more. they have lived off of their 'tradition and legacy' long enough, but no one cares about them. They will be left out because of their holier than thou position or they will have to hang their head lowly and join a conference. Haha.

    As far as PSU goes...I really don't see the ACC happening for them, but maybe if a 4 team 16 team conference that is regulated by geography not conferences then maybe that would happen. I also think if PSU moved it would be similar to ND joing a conference. Too much pride to move and admit they play 3rd fiddle at best to Michigan and Ohio State.

  2. R Korn said...

    Penn St and ND make the most sense. Penn St is the eastern outpost for a midwestern league with no true rival. Paterno's "dream" eastern league with Pitt, Cuse, Maryland, etc can come to fruition, but I think they have too much pride to change leagues.

    ND fits in academically and has fan support up and down the east coast. They will not be able to take the Big East bowl games anymore since the bowls will get worse or the conference might just disappear. They do need a basketball league though, not sure if they'd want to stay w/the catholic schools. Also, I love ND blaming Pitt for the demise of the Big East. ND could have saved the Big East long ago but they refused. They badly needed the Big East for all of their other sports and enjoyed all of the benefits, ie taking bowl spots, not sharing NBC money but taking Big East BBall money, and playing in the best basketball conference and now they cry about it.