Monday, April 11, 2011

All Time Sports Jerseys

Over the weekend we received a special shipment of our old hockey jerseys when we first began playing. Reminiscing about jerseys of yesteryear inspired me to make a top 5 list of the major sports jerseys. I know some people like to rank by classic, unique, or what ever, but this is just based on my taste.

Top 5 NHL Uniforms:
1. Pittsburgh Penguins, White, Back to Back Cup Era
2. Edmonton Oilers, Blue, Gretzky era
3. Chicago Blackhawks, Red, Roenick era
4. Los Angeles Kings, Black,Gretzky era
5. Calgary Flames, Red, 80's

Top 5 MLB Uniforms:
1. St. Loius Cardinals Home Uniform
2. Los Angeles Dodgers Home Uniform
3. Philadelphia Phillies 80's Away Uniform
4. Chicago White Sox, Black Sox Scandal Era
5. Pittsburgh Pirates, Away, Last Winning Season Era

Top 5 NFL Uniforms
1. Oakland Raiders Black
2. San Fransisco 49'ers, Montana Era
3. New York Jets, White
4. San Diego Chargers, Powder Blue
5. New Orleans Saints, All Black

Top 5 NBA Uniforms
1. Boston Celtics, Green
2. Los Angeles Lakers, Yellow
3. Chicago Bulls, Red
4. San Antonio Spurs, Black
5. Los Angeles Clippers, Red

Top 5 NCAA Football Uniforms
1. USC Trojans, Red
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, Crimson
3. UCLA Bruins, Powder Blue
4. Pitt, Blue, Script Era
5. Florida Gators, Blue

Top 5 NCAA Basketball Uniforms
1. UCLA Bruins, Powder Blue
2. Georgetown Hoyas, Blue
3. Marquette Golden Eagles, Yellow or Blue
4. Syracuse Orange, Orange
5. DePaul Blue Demons, Home White


  1. Here is my list, it differs a little from yours:

    1)Vancouver Canucks - blue, '77-'78, current alternate jersey. The stick making the C
    2)Edmonton Oilers - blue, '81-'85, and current home
    3)Buffalo Sabres - blue, current love how they went back to the classic look
    4)Red Wings - white, current
    5) Flyers - orange with white name plates
    honorable mention: Blackhawks home, Penguins black staley cup era

    1) Cardinals - home
    2) Dodgers - home
    3) White Sox - black sox era
    4) Kansas City - '83-'91 blue
    5) Pirates - '70-'75 grey road pullover w/gold cap

    1)Chargers - poweder blue
    2) Raiders - home black
    3) 49ers - 80's red, white & gold
    4) Patriots - 80's red
    5) Jets - current white
    honorable mention: Steelers-black, Colts-blue

    1) Celtics - road green
    2) Lakers - gold
    3) Knicks - '90s road blue before they added black
    4)Bulls - 90s home white
    5)Cavs - '87-'89 road blue

    NCAA Football:
    1) Pitt - script, home blue & mustard early 80s version
    2) UCLA - home powder blue
    3) Alabama - home red
    4) USC - home red
    5) Michigan - home blue
    honorable mention: Florida-home blue, Miami - early '00s orange

    NCAA Hoops:
    1)Michigan - gold
    2) UNC - road blue
    3)UCLA - road blue
    4) Georgetown - blue/grey
    5) Louisville - white throwbacks

  2. I like the jersey lists. I just don't know or remember enough about jerseys to make my own list though.

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  4. Yeah, I wish I could contribute to this one with my own lists, but I'm just not enough of a connoisseur. So instead, I'll just chime in with these thoughts:

    1. My absolute favorite jersey in all of sports, and it's not even close, is the St. Louis Cardinals homes.

    2. Despite it being on both of your lists, I think the Chargers powder blues are overrated. I just don't like them that much and yet they're universally praised. It's fine for UCLA basketball, but powder blue just doesn't do it for me in football. Also overrated: New York Yankees and Penn State football

    3. Any team that went with a "faster" logo in the '90s and '00s needs to switch back ASAP, like the Penguins, Sabres and Capitals all did. I'm looking at you Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Washington Wizards/Bullets.