Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Predictions Time: NHL Playoffs

Even more than lists, I love making predictions. With the start of the NHL Playoffs tonight, I want to get everyone's predictions down. Here are mine, leave yours in the comments and then I'll revisit them when throughout the playoffs:

  • Bruins over Sabres in the Eastern Conference Finals
  • Canucks over Sharks in the West
  • Canucks win the Cup
  • Ryan Kesler wins playoff MVP

MLB season predictions next


  1. Bruins over Capitals in Eastern Conference Finals
    Red Wings over Canucks in Western Conference Finals
    Red Wings win the Cup
    Pavel Datsyuk wins playoff MVP

  2. Burnside has Pittsburgh over Chicago...

  3. Really? There's no way Chicago gets there. Here was how I ranked the teams in the hockey plyaoff pool I'm in. The way it works is you get points equal to their ranking for each game they win. So if Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup, I'd get 16 points x 16 games for 256 total points for them and so on down the list for each team. Highest number of points wins.:

    16 - Vancouver Canucks
    15 - Boston Bruins
    14 - San Jose Sharks
    13 - Buffalo Sabres
    12 - Pittsburgh Penguins
    11 - Washington Capitals
    10 - Nashville Predators
    9 - Phoenix Coyotes
    8 - Detroit Red Wings
    7 - Philadelphia Flyers
    6 - Tampa Bay Lightning
    5 - Anahiem Ducks
    4 - Los Angeles Kings
    3 - New York Rangers
    2 - Chicago Blackhawks
    1 - Montreal Canadiens

    Even though Washington won last night, I'm still kicking myself a little for not picking New York to beat them in the first round. One of these years, Lundqvist is going to lead them on a real run.

  4. Yeah, Chicago struggled all season and they are going against the best team in the league. I say

    Caps over Flyers
    Canucks over Wings

    Caps finally win

  5. Oh ya I agree, not sure what Burnside was drinking when he chose those. I think it's because he chose that match up at the beginning of the season, so he wants to stick with his original choice -- unlike Peter King.

    I'm in a poll at work; it's constructed a bit differently. East and west are split in half, and you rank each matchup by confidence level (like Ben's.) This round has four matchups on each side, so you rank each matchup 4 through 1 on each side.

    After each round, however, you reseed your matchups. It makes you change up your decisions a bit. For example, I have the Flyers as my highest confidence level in my eastern matchup right now, but I certainly don't think that will be the case throughout the entire playoffs. In fact, unless they start showing they care, I probably would have them as my least favorite in the second round. It's a bit cheap, but it's different than the usual.

  6. I won't go with a full set of predictions, but I believe this is finally the year the caps go deep. I keep telling the johnny-come-lately caps fans here in DC that the conversion to a defensive minded team all season will pay dividends in the second season - even though it didn't earn them the president's trophy like years past. I say caps for sure into the conf. finals and maybe even beyond if one of their goaltenders steps up consistently.