Friday, April 8, 2011

Notes from Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day for the Pirates and even though we got thumped, it's always fun to be in attendance for the first ball game of the year. Here's the view from the third base line with Walker at bat and McCutchen on deck:

(not pictured: Mayor Steelerstahl, who was seated a few rows from where this picture was taken.)

The most important development from the game, however, was that Garret Jones' new choice of at-bat music is Enter Sandman. With Doumit being introduced with Mother by Danzig before him, I'll posit the theory that there is no greater possible back-to-back at bat songs possible. Those are the two best songs possible for striding up to the plate and feeling like a bad ass. Anyone disagree?

Also, here's what my choice would be if I were a Major League Baseball player, the opening riff from Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult:


  1. That's a pretty good one. I may have to go with some Billy Idol "Rebel Yell"

  2. I don't like the song, but "Let the bodies hit the floor" would be appropriate at-bat music. Would? from Alice in Chains is my go-to I-want-to-kill-a-person song.

  3. I like from the Karate Kid...You're the Best Around"

  4. I think that was Andy LaRoche's at-bat music. The family must have a good sense of humor because I think Adam also had an '80s movie theme type song.