Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nerds Hit All Time High

Just when I thought computer hacking was so 1990's the hacker nerds topped themselves. This time instead of hacking into a high tech computer system, a credit card company database, or a university, an unknown hacker or hackers disabled the PlayStation 3 Network. Now call me normal if you insist, but I really do not understand the Apple vs. PC rivalry or PlayStation vs. XBox 360 rivalry, it is simply preference. Who really dislikes a system to the point that they spend hours or even days developing a virus to disable it? Luckily, I have not used my PS3 during this outage, but I am sure many people are enraged that this effected their gaming so much. I hope the problem is resolved soon, but just one message to the hacker(s): get a life.

Hackers Take Down Sony's PlayStation Network - Video Games Blog Plugged In - Yahoo! Games

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  1. Another nerd update. There was a security breach with the PlayStation Network and user data may have been compromised. See the link below.