Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ghosts of Barry Bonds still haunt me

Bob Smizik's blog has one of the best non-cocaine or LSD story I've ever heard about the Pirates. It's from the infamous Francisco Cabrera-Sid Bream play in Game 7 of the '92 NLCS:

Van Slyke told the MLB Network that on the game-winning hit, ``he motioned to Bonds to move in. Bonds responded by giving him the finger, and the ball ended up landing exactly where Van Slyke said to play.''

That made me laugh out loud. By coincidence, my dentist has a signed photograph of Sid Bream sliding home on that play hanging on her waiting room wall. I asked her about it one time and it turns out Bream is her uncle. One time I was in the waiting room and Sid Bream's mom was there for a cleaning. She was actually very nice. I had just presumed that Bream was the spawn of Satan for the way he ripped my 11-year-old heart out.


  1. I remember crying after this game wondering how can broken down old Sid Bream beat a throw to the plate from one of baseball's premiere players. If Bonds had been on the juice then, maybe the Buccos would have made that WS. Ironically, I was just talking to coworkers about this play earlier this week. . .

  2. Wow....that is both hilarious and sad.