Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Genre of Adult Literature

Visiting professor of fiction at Rutgers University, Adam Mansbach, may have the next great idea in cult literature, children's stories for adults. Mansbach was tired of waiting for his daughter to go to sleep when he came up with the idea for the new book "Go the F*ck to Sleep". I can only imagine what the illustrations look like. You can get your copy on October 11. This lead me to think, what other children's stories could be rewritten from the adult perspective?

Hey B*tch! Quit Your Job and Get in the Kitchen and Make my Dinner!- A tale of conservative family values.

Stick it Up Your *ss - A tale of a working man telling his boss what he really thinks of him.

The Three Little Pigs, Enhanced Version - A tale of three kids who ate too much and died of childhood obesity.

Are there any other stories that you would like to see rewritten?

TODAYMoms - Want another bedtime story, sweetie? Here's one: 'Go the F@#k to Sleep'

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