Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Espionage, Creepy, or Just an Average Morning in Oakland?

One of my favorite parts of my daily routine is my morning walk to work. There is nothing better than getting some fresh air, not worrying about traffic, and participating in some morning people watching. Living where I do, I have an easy time finding a reason to smile on my way to work: people stumbling out of the local bars at 7:30 AM, freshly sprayed graffiti on walls, and vagabonds begging for "money for the bus". Today I had an extra big smile. I was walking through the alley and I saw a man crouching behind a dumpster emptying several boxes into a back pack. This alone is not unusual, but his back pack, jacket, and pants were camouflage, and looked like a disgruntled Dennis Eckersley complete with the mustache and hair.
If this was not enough, I then turned the corner to see one of the locals peering around the corner of Tandoor Indian Grill at the aforementioned Dennis Eckersley like a spy. This elderly man was complete with an early 90's style Florida State Starter Jacket, cane, and missing teeth. As I turned the corner I could not help myself from engaging this man and said with a slight grin, "I wonder what he is up to, you must think he is suspicious." The man a bit startled that someone had spoken to him replied rather harshly and said, "That *ss hole was just pissin' on the street. Damn fool does it every morning. I can't wait to see him get caught."

That will get me through the day with a smile.

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  1. that's one of Pittsburgh's great street corners and it was captured perfectly by the mural of the wall of the old Thirsty's. Wonder what ever happened to those paintings????