Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thoughts and Observations

In honor of Bob Smizik's bullet pointed blog and not meant as some John Steigerwald curmudgeon rant (wow, did he ever go off the deep end) here are some random thoughts and observations:
  • Went to Dunkin' Donuts in Oakland for my weekly Friday buying coffee out day.  Line is always to the door at 8am.  Bunch of Nebby Debbie's in line ahead of me taking forever to get their donuts.  One would think that a customer would know what they wanted when they go up to order especially if you are standing in line for a long time staring at the donut selection.  Just wanted a coffee and get on with my day.
  • Staying in Oakland, ground has been broken to construct an Eat 'n Park on a portion of the Schenley Plaza across from Hillman Library.  I kind of liked all of the green space, but money talks
  • Hoping the Pirates contract with right-wing radio station 104.7 FM ends soon.  Tired of hearing the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity promo's about what great Americans they are.  What's worse is going to bed listening to a game and waking up to Quinn and Rose in the morning.  Hey Quinn, go back to making the B94 Quinn and Banana Show...what a hack.
  • Borders Books is closing in Bethel Park and East Liberty/Shadyside, the only two places I liked to buy books.  They had some decent coupons too. Always liked going out and searching for books at a store, options are dwindling, I guess I'm left with Barnes & Noble,
  • Watched the McDonald's All American game with incoming Pitt recruit Khem Birch, the 6-9 F/C played really well, 15 pts 10 reb and 6 blocks.  He looks really athletic and runs the floor well.
  • New Pitt football coach Todd Graham sounds a lot like George W. Bush, hopefully he's a better coach than Bush was a President.
  • It was brought to my attention that country singer Neal McCoy, made famous by being on an Old Milwaukee Pounder can showcased at Kopy's Bar is coming to Pittsburgh.  An article and pic of the billboard by a Blast Furnace author to come?
  • Wiz Khalifa's new album came out and debuted at # 2 on the charts.  It's ok, a few good songs, but sorry to say it isn't in the same class as "Show and Prove" or "Welcome to Pistolvania"
  • Mark Madden filled in for Mike Prisuta on the 'DVE Morning Show last Tuesday, he was surprisingly tame and polite.
  • Always wonder when I'm sitting in traffic on 51 how many people are listening to 'DVE at the same time as me whether it be the "Electric Lunch" with Michelle Michaels or the drive home with Sean McDowell....then I have to turn the channel cause one of their many terrible songs is requested and I'm no longer a part of the community.
  • Sorry, not into Hines Ward and Dancing with the Stars, never watched it and don't plan on it.  It seems to be the talk of the town
Until next time......


  1. I don't understand why they are turning that spot into an Eat 'N Park. The pitt campus definitely needed some green area and it seemed like they just finished fixing that spot up. I guess they need the money to deal with Corbett's education cuts.

  2. Neil McCoy pics are coming soon!