Friday, April 29, 2011

Draft Day Blitz

So the Steelers ended up staying at No. 31 and selected Cameron Heyward with their pick. From what I have read and heard, most people seem excited about this pick. I tend to never question any of the Steelers first round picks, based on their history of success. I do wish, however, that the Steelers would stop selecting all of these Ohio State bums.

The one thing I am concerned about is the cornerback position. Kevin Colbert is quoted as saying that he thinks we are fine at CB, stating "We got to the Super Bowl with those guys."

While this is true, the Steelers were picked apart in the Super Bowl, giving up valuable yards through the air that ultimately led to their demise. Furthermore, that secondary included Ike Taylor, which is not a certainty this year. If the Steelers don't agree to terms with Ike, I would be confronted with my worst nightmare: a Steelers season kicking off with McFadden and Gay as the starting cornerbacks.

I look for, and hope for, the Steelers to take a CB as the draft progresses. I also believe they will be looking to add some offensive lineman. Hopefully the Steelers will make some valuable additions to their aging roster this draft year.

In honor of Cam Heyward coming back to the city he was born in. Here are some clips of his father, legendary Pitt RB and former 1st Rd draft pick Ironhead Heyward.


  1. They definetly need a CB, they were awful in the Super Bowl, I think Taylor is a Free Agent soon too. This pick seems pretty good, Smith and Keisel are getting old and injured, they must address the defensive backfield and OL next

  2. Ike Taylor is currently a free agent... I see some team offering him too much money to turn down

  3. Nice I read about Ironhead being in that commercial