Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lamest protest ever

All politics aside, this has to be one of the lamest, petty things I've ever seen. Pro-gun rights people are calling for a boycott of Primanti Brothers because some pro-gun control people took a picture with a Primanti's employee recently.

From the Post-Gazette:

Officials at the Pittsburgh institution were "completely caught by surprise" Tuesday by claims from gun supporters that the sandwich shop is anti-firearms and should be boycotted during this weekend's giant National Rifle Association convention Downtown. The claims were based upon photos a gun-control group posted of a visit to their Strip District location in February, in which they mugged for the camera with restaurant employees.

"We're sandwich makers," said Primanti's operations director Marc Teklinski. "People always come down to our Strip District location and engage our staff. It's not uncommon to take photos with the staff. It's innocent."

He noted their locations also have staff photos with conservatives John McCain and Glenn Beck -- Mr. Beck wheeled out 400 of their sandwiches in a nationally broadcast speech from the Benedum Center in December -- as well as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Seriously? This is akin to boycotting Disney World because the opposition had their picture taken with Mickey Mouse. Primanti Brothers is basically a tourist attraction in Pittsburgh. There's a reason you see it in just about every national sporting event broadcast from the city. People come to our city and want to visit Primanti's, and Primanti's is excellent at obliging and embracing its status as a Pittsburgh icon. I would encourage everyone to go out and have a Primanti sandwich this weekend to show our support (if only I wasn't going to be out of town myself this weekend).

The complete story can be found here.


  1. Ridiculous. Leave it to the NRA to come up with such a 'genius' boycott.

  2. what a bunch of idiots, I wish primanti's would have came out against these nuts. I would have eaten there all week.

  3. I saw that this morning as well. These lunatics will do anything in order to get attention. On a related note, another lunatic, Donald Trump, now wants Obama to show his school records in order to see how he got into such pretigious universities now that the long hand birth certificate was revealed.