Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girls' Park Fight Gets YouTubed, Now Under Investigation

Two teenage girls were fighting in Scottdale, PA and one was being egged on by her mother.  You got to see the news story from WTAE.  Read the story and watch the video with interviews from  You stay classy.

Girls' Park Fight Gets YouTubed, Now Under Investigation - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh


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  2. I think Mom was making sure that she would receive an extra special Mother's Day gift this year.

  3. Scottdale is the traditional Aikin family stomping grounds. We used to play in that park when I was a kid. I have great memories there and always thought it would be a good place to reestablish roots maybe later in life. However, when I went there for my grandfather's funeral just earlier this year it was clear that the place is just pure white trash now. Maybe it was that way when I was a kid as well and I just didn't recognize it, but, nonetheless, it was disappointing to see.

    You could just see that the mother absolutely believe's what she's saying and is completely oblivious of her own trashiness.

  4. And what does the 13 yr old's mother decide to wear for her exclusive interview with the news crew? Her finest Steelers hoodie, of course.