Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just your typical, every day South Side Bar fight...

...except this one totally featured Joe Gruschecky's son!

From the Post-Gazette:

Cory Muro, the 23-year-old drummer for the Pittsburgh rock band Punchline, filed a report Tuesday with Pittsburgh police alleging that members of the Albuquerque, N.M., band Brokencyde assaulted him and a friend on the South Side Monday night, police said.

Mr. Muro, of Irwin, said that after having drinks with 22-year-old Johnny Grushecky at Dee's Cafe, they walked outside and encountered two members of Brokencyde, who had just finished performing a show at the nearby Smiling Moose.

"Brokencyde sing about drugs and violence toward women. We walked out and I let them know that 'I don't like your band and what you stand for, and you give music a bad name,'???" Mr. Muro said.

One of the Brokencyde members then charged at and "sucker punched" Mr. Grushecky, son of Pittsburgh musician Joe Grushecky, said Mr. Muro.

You can read the full article here. I also found Punchline's Wikipedia page which, curiously, doesn't list Grushecky as a member.

True story: I met Joe Gruschecky once at the Dormont street fair and was in front of him in line at Kuhn's one time.


  1. The wiki page lists Punchline as "pop punk," so they probably suck. I imagine the fight being a bunch of sissy punching between guys with emo haircuts and pink and black nail polish.

  2. I love when the true yinzer emerges from someone, especially a pop-punker. Hearing a pop-punker with a yinzer voice seems so comical to me.

  3. Not suprised it happened outside of the Moose, bunch of skinheads hang out there

  4. Yeah, the guys that hang out at the Moose are crazy. I thought I was going to get my ass kicked there, just because I had a crutch.

  5. I went to Pitt with the singer of Punchline. They are a good band. I have some of their cds if anyone is ever interested in listening to them.

  6. I remember listening to them in the car with you. They had that one decent song they played on the X occassionally

  7. Are they from the pre-Grushecky era? Because I surmise from the Wiki page that he hasn't always been in the band and the page just hasn't been updated. Anyways, it's Grushecky or nothing for me.