Sunday, April 10, 2011

Golf Season is Here!

Golf Season is Here

It is the time of year to dust off the gold clubs and warm up the swing. I am looking forward to playing golf this season. The Post Gazette had a great section listing all local public golf courses and I wanted to share it with everyone. See you at the tee box.

Public golf courses


  1. just completed 9 holes at south park, it was packed and the ground was soggy. shot a 49 and didn't lose a ball. got paired up with 3 bp high schoolers.

    We got to hit a bunch of different courses this year like two yrs ago

  2. a 49 is a good start to the season. I still hope to break 40 in 9 holes some time in my life.

  3. The course I'm playing in San Antonio in a few weeks is the site of the Valero Texas Open PGA event being played this weekend.

  4. watch out for the 9th hole, Kevin Na just shot a 16 on it